Debating Topics

Panel 1 – How can the EU reunite its people around its common values?

Photo by Fauxels

Panel 2 – How can the European Union become more resilient to cyber attacks?

Photo by ThisIsEngineering

Panel 3 – Learning from the pandemic – Do we need a European Health Union?

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch

Panel 4 – Agriculture vs. Sustainability – What CAP for the future?

Panel 5 – Sustainable development or degrowth – What economic model can the EU adopt for tomorrow’s world and how can it be durably settled?

Panel 6 – Re-thinking democratic engagement in the digital age: How should the European democracy of tomorrow look like?

Photo by Markus Spiske

Panel 7 – Social media: opportunities and threats – How can the EU regulate digital platforms without limiting freedom of speech and free exchange of thoughts?

Panel 8 – How should the EU position itself in a globalized world, vis-à-vis other actors such as the US, China, or Russia, and with regard to conflicts in its neighbourhood?

Panel 9 – Climate refugees as a new challenge for Europe – How should the European Union prepare to deal with refugee crises to come?

Panel 10 – Online is good, in person is better !? How to build future-oriented, digitalized, and yet inclusive higher education systems across the European Union?

Photo de Abby Chung sur

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