Action 1

Contribute to the multilingual digital platform


Shape the future of Europe by making your voice heard!

Proposing ideas, improving the EU’s capacities, debating and discussing with citizens from all over Europe… Do you feel like taking part in a Europe-wide public consultation along with the European Universities Community (EUC)? If so, the first step is to join the official multilingual digital platform. The platform enables discussions on topics as diverse as environment, health, culture, sport, democracy… and gives access to a list of online and physical events. Create your account and start suggesting your ideas to shape the future of Europe.

The multilingual digital platform

A simple, effective and modern way to engage in the debate.

Once on the platform, you can publish content, like and comment posts, follow your friends, as you would on social media. Use the #EUC hashtag and make your input visible to other European university students. What better way to connect with your peers?

What about your input?

Your most convincing recommendations may be taken aboard by one of the 4 European Citizens Panels, each of them gathering 200 citizens from all over the Union. A report will be jointly published in Spring 2022 by the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council based on citizens’ recommendations. Contributing to the platform is a unique opportunity to have a concrete impact on subjects that matter.

In parallel, all your suggestions and recommendations will be gathered by the EUC organisation team to enrich and support the Inaugural session of the European Student Assembly, to be held in March 2022, in Strasbourg (Action 2).


  • Khaldia CHOUAT: khaldia.chouat[a]
  • Claire GRARD: claire.grard[a]
  • Gladys GROS-DESORMEAUX : ggrosdesormeaux1[a]

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