Action 4

Promote multilingualism and multiculturalism

Photo by fauxels.

Take initiative to promote multilingualism

According to the founding treaties, the EU must respect the rich cultural and linguistic diversity of Europe and ensure that Europe’s cultural heritage is safeguarded. In addition to the general principle of linguistic diversity, a 2008 communication describes multilingualism as “an asset for Europe and a shared commitment”. Among other aspects, it emphasizes its role in fostering “intercultural dialogue and social cohesion”. The New Framework Strategy for Multilingualism adopted in 2016 finally highlights three main objectives:

  • encourage language learning and promote linguistic diversity in society;
  • promote a multilingual economy;
  • give citizens access to EU information in their own languages

Workshops, webinars, debates will allow us to fully explore what these two topics entail. France’s presidency of the Council of the EU between January and June 2022, will give us a timely opportunity to reassess the place of the French language and culture within the EU. Students are invited to analyse what Multilingualism and Multiculturalism mean in their daily lives, and in which way Francophonie can contribute.

The events that they will choose to organize will give them the great opportunity to probe what these concepts mean for them as students, as future professionals, for their personal development, and as European citizens.

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact:

  • Aurélien BROSSARD : aurelien.brossard[a]
  • Claire CARLES-HUGUET : claire.huguet[a]
  • Freiderikos VALETOPOULOS : fvaletop[a]
  • cc. Khaldia CHOUAT: khaldia.chouat[a]

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