Panel 8 – Meeting with Earl Wang

Credits: Earl Wang

EUC students are preparing intensively for the European Student Assembly. On January 26, Panel 8 students organised their first meeting with an expert on the question “How should the EU position itself in a globalized world, vis-à-vis other actors such as the US, China, or Russia, and with regard to conflicts in its neighbourhood?“.

Earl Wang is a doctoral researcher in political science at the Centre for International Studies (CERI) – Sciences Po/CNRS, Paris, France. He also undertakes lecturing duties at this university. His doctoral thesis was on the following topic: “How do Brussels and Member States’ Capitals Coordinate? EU Foreign Policy vis-à-vis East Asia“.

During the meeting, the EUC students had the opportunity to discuss EU-US and EU-China relations in detail and raise questions on key issues, such as the concept of open strategic autonomy, US-China strategic competition and the EU’s role in the Indo-Pacific.

Please, click on the link down below to read the recommandations that were drawn up during this meeting: