Panel 1 – Meeting with Dr. Tatiana Coutto

Dr. Tatiana Coutto joined our panel 1 meeting as an expert and gave EUC Students precious insights and many inspiration for possible policy recommendations.

Tatiana Coutto is a Doctor in Political Science from the European University Institute in Florence and works at the Centre for European Studies and Comparative Politics at Sciences Po as a “Marie Sklodowska-Curie” Individual Fellow.

As for today, Tatiana Coutto works as a Postdoctoral fellow at the Vienna School of International Studies. Her work mainly focuses on the relationship between media content and framing, and the attitudes towards European integration. Lately, PhD Coutto has been working on a project called “Analyzing European Communication Strategy“.

At Sciences Po, Tatiana Coutto teaches a course entitled “European Union – Politics, Ideas, and Discourse” for two years, in the frame of which her students get to know the different political groups within Europe and their discourse/speeches. Also, she teaches about political polarization and populism, a topic which Tatiana Coutto is especially interested in. Her knowledge in the political field within Europe and its increasing polarization is remarkable, which is why EUC students were honored to be able to discuss with her and listen to her inputs.

Please, click on the link down below to read the recommandations that were drawn up during this meeting: