Why join us

Our actions have already started and will run until March 2022. They are open to every student enrolled in a European higher education institution. Don’t wait to join in!

Photo by fauxels
Make your voice heard

As a grassroots organisation, EUC is open to any student willing to get involved in the the Conference on the Future of Europe. We help you to contribute to this unique moment and make your voice heard. Are you concerned with the climate crisis? Do you have any idea about how universities should look like in the future? EUC offers a wide arrow of actions and possibilities to express yourself and discuss your views with other students.

Meet students from all over Europe

Initiated by members of European University Alliances, EUC is open to any student enrolled in a European Higher Education Institution. Whatever your field of study, level and nationality, our network is open to all. Feel free to join, enlarge your network and build strong connections with your peers all over the continent.

Develop valuable skills

Interested in learning foreign language, organising events or developing negociation skills? EUC offers you the opportunity to take part to ambitious and concrete projects with high visibility and impact. A brilliant way to put in practice what you have learned and to boost your employability.

Get a certificate for your participation

A the end of the projects, all students will be awarded an official Certificate acknowledging their active participation to a European scale project.

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