#ESA23 Kicks Off Preparatory Phase with Onboarding Session

The European Student Assembly (ESA) is pleased to announce the start of its Preparatory Phase with an Onboarding Session for all Participants and Coordinators. The event was held on March 16th at 6 PM CET, providing an opportunity for everyone involved in the initiative to get to know each other, learn about ESA and the European Universities Community and kickstart the preparatory phase.

During the Onboarding Session, Participants were introduced to ESA and EUC and were provided with an overview of the upcoming work. They also had a chance to get to know each other more personally, as the Onboarding Session was followed by breakout Panel meetings. The preparatory phase will involve background research, debates on panel topics, and expert meetings to prepare recommendations for the Assembly.

Stay tuned for more updates on ESA and the work of its Participants and Coordinators during the preparatory phase.

Only for selected Participants and selected Coordinators (link sent by email)

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