Sciences Po European seminar on CoFoE – ESA alumnae share their experience

ESA alumnae and Sciences Po students  Giulia Geneletti and Ines Morales-Wyden were invited to share their experience during the European Seminar “Conference on the Future of Europe: a preliminary assessment” organised by the Sciences Po School of Public Affairs on April 20th, 2022.

Both students played a major role as part of the organisation team of the European Student Assembly, a grassroots initiative which ambition was to echo the voice of students from European University Alliances in the Conference on the Future of Europe.

Read the testimony of ESA alumnae Giulia Geneletti and Emilie Berger on Sciences Po’s website

The Conference on the Future of Europe is a major pan-European democratic exercise which brought together EU citizens to share their thoughts on how the Union might reorient itself to face new challenges. The European Seminar of the Sciences Po School of Public Affairs brought together Brigid Laffan, Co-Chair of the Conference Observatory High-Level Advisory Group and Luigi Gianniti, Director of the Internal Affairs Service at the Italian Senate, to discuss the CoFoE’s achievements. The debate was moderated by Olivier Rozenberg, Associate Professor at Sciences Po Centre for European Studies and Comparative Politics, and Scientific Advisor of the Master in European Affairs (Sciences Po School of Public Affairs).

The participation of Giulia and Ines to this seminar was an opportunity to share their experience with fellow students, and to bring visibility to the work of the ESA students and to their 89 recommendations, which have been submitted on the CoFoE platform.


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