European Student Assembly – Onboarding session on January 13th (6 PM)

The organisation of the European Student Assembly is well on track.

An online onboarding session gathering all 275 selected students will take place on Thursday, 13th January at 6 PM Paris time.

This session will be an opportunity to meet with the members of the organisation team who will provide general information about the EUC project as well as practical details about the venue.

Participants will have the possibility to ask questions in the chat and orally.

During the second part of the meeting, participants will join break out rooms where they will meet the other members of their panel. They will learn to know each other and lay the bases of their collective work.

The online onboarding session will be recorded and the recording will be made available after the meeting.

Participants who did not received any invitation are encouraged to look in their spam folder before reaching out at

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